The Company

Soy Products International Inc is a South Carolina based corporation, which is wholly owned by the founder Darryl Hunter of Columbia, South Carolina. The business entity was incorporated in the state of South Carolina in August 2005.

The initial operations management team consist of three key members, Mr. Darryl Hunter (CEO), Mr.Leroy West (Plant Manager), Mr. Bruno Rozet (Technical Services Manager) and George Johnston (Controller) all of which were recruited from VelCorex Textile Manufacturing.

The company's main office and manufacturing facility is located in Columbia SC with sales and distribution offices in SC, Georgia, Florida, MO, Las Vegas, California, Paris France, and London England.

The construction and startup of our own manufacturing facility was completed August 2005 with initial capacity of 30 million candles with additional floor space to install second manufacturing line of similar capacity.




Our SoyRoma Lotion Candles brand is the ultimate aromatherapy candle product. We combine all natural soy bean oil and fine pure essential oil fragrance to produce a product that delivers high quality room and body fragrance as a candle and unmatched skin and massage therapy.

Our specially formulated soy is naturally rich in Vitamin E, Amino Acids and Isoflavins making it the only candle of its kind on the market. The smooth soft texture makes them a perfect "body massaging candle" and the first candle on the market clinically tested for skin care application.

Company Ownership

SoyRoma Candles Inc. is a South Carolina based corporation and wholly owned by the founder and president Darryl Hunter of Columbia, South Carolina. Mr. Hunter serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a seasoned engineer and manufacturing director out of the food industry and has an extensive background in food manufacturing and engineering. He has a 27 year career leading plant startups, designing highly automated food manufacturing lines and has demonstrated strong leadership in developing high-performing manufacturing teams.

He has worked for some major corporations as M&M Mars Inc., The Kellogg Company, General Foods Corp, and Proctor & Gamble Corp. He has implemented make to order/total supply chain management systems for most of his career.
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